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Our Programs have been developed based on the self-identified needs of our communities using a participatory Approaches.


LET IT GO is a four weeks life Skills Curriculum that teaches Youth how they can Manage Anger, take Leadership and resolve Conflict. It also provides youth with the ability to transform Anger To PERSONAL POWER thus building their capacity to make positive choices when faced with violent scenarios. If you are interested in participating or taking LET IT GO program to your school, please fill out the contact us form at the bottom of the page. If You want Volunteer apply it Online.


MNsure is Minnesota’s health insurance marketplace where individuals, families and small businesses can shop, compare and choose health insurance coverage that meets their needs. Are you Uninsured? Under-insured? Have Questions about health insurance, or the Affordable Care Act? Our Trained Experts Can help you Navigate through MNsure.please fill out the contact us form at the bottom of the page or Visit our location.


Immigrant Employments Support Center helps Participants achieve self-sufficiency through employment as soon as possible after arrival to the United States. We offer a full range of employment services, including development of employment plans,connecting Participants with skills training offered by our partners. resume writing, mock interviewing, job search support, job placement, interpretation for interviews and job orientation. Please Contact Us if you want to participate.


We envision embracing our mission of ending and preventing immigrants and refugees homelessness in our community through our housing support services. We offer a range of services to educate immigrant/refugee families on obtaining and maintaining affordable housing. We provide Rental Support Services to teach renters their rights and responsibilities, Landlord responsibilities while we help them resolve conflict with Landlords. We are eliminating home-ownership barriers faced by families through our home ownership workshops.

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Our Mission

The mission of the Fortune Relief and Youth Empowerment Organization (FRAYEO) is to provide support services to youth and adults focused on cultural adjustment and increase socio-economic well-being of the East African communities in Minnesota by providing a continuum of care through a cultural specific programs and positively transform the social and economic structures that sabotaged poverty.
Is to transform Youth & Adults lives through a vibrant culturally Specific Programs that provides inclusive, innovative and sustainable services to achieve better social responsibilities for the Youth and Adults of all generations and eradicate economic disparities.


FRAYEO is the leading immigrant and refugee-led organization focused on stabilizing the lives of East African families in Minnesota by providing free community service and civic philanthropy. In doing so it advocates ease of access to basic human services and community engagement, including youth and family health, Parenting education, women empowerment, housing, employment services, Youth Socio-emotional mentor-ship and fathers support, Conflict Resolution, Leadership,financial management, family counseling, Teen-parenting education and legal support.

Minnesota is a home of many East African Immigrants and Refugees from various backgrounds. While some are emerging social political and business leaders majority of East African Youth & adults suffer from a high percentage of poverty rate. Some of East African youth were disconnected from the community resources due to multiple barriers.

FRAYEO was formed by members of the East African communities who experienced the challenges of cultural adjustment and economic instability first-hand. Barriers to this communities include language, technology, cultural differences and transportation which make it hard for them to secure a job and often result in their living below the poverty line. We have recently incorporated other local community volunteers, who are expanding our services to their communities in Minnesota.

Our offices are located in the largest East African mall in South Minneapolis and Edina in an area heavily populated by the East African community, making us visible and readily accessible to our target population to bridge all economic and social barriers faced by East African Communities and bring prosperity through our cultural specific programs and community integrations. Our Programs are all open to all with no restriction to religion, age, gender, race or tribal heritage.  Promoting the qualities of integrity, truthfulness, tolerance, service, friendship, mutual cooperation and good neighbors are all the foundation of all FRAYEO’s activities.

The key to our success is breaking the barriers that is faced by youth and adults, such as the importance of encouraging individual achievement that contributes to difficulty seeking or getting support under the pressure of language, peers, and teachers. Parent empowerment and youth leadership are critical to community success. Youth grow up so fast, and their attitudes about themselves and their future shape our community and culture. Our young people need a platform to take leadership on issues that impact them the most.

FRAYEO plays a pivotal role to educate youth about every option so that they will one day become successful leaders in life. We Leverage the power of our communities to embrace the young people who lack support and mentor-ship. We help create a network of stable adults who can provide a lasting support to the Youth. We are a research hub and a community wellness Center. Our Values of HOPE. JOY, DIVERSITY & OPTIMISM will lead to the development of a Society, Humanity and Nation.


"Our Success has really been based on Partnerships from the beginning"


"There is no Exercise that is better for the heart than reaching down and lifting People Up"

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