On September 23rd (Friday Night) the women in the Community turn out a much needed, Beautiful, informative Women Networking Night Event which was held by Our Organization FRAYEO at Brian Coyle Centre in Minneapolis. The Goal was to promote Education and informing mothers on ways to help their children be successfull in School. Different Speakers Attended the event.

Fuad who is Our Secretary General and Assistant Chair of Board of Directors Spoke to the mothers and he gave them tips on how mothers can help their children progress in their education.

Zainab and Fartun who are Our Women Program Managers Launched an Activity titled “The New You” for Women during the Winter Season.

All the Attendees to the event were Awarded Backpacks full of School Supplies and dinner was Served by Davannis.

We will having this kind of events every months and please registers yourself prior to the event if you want to volunteer.

Thanks to My Board, Staff, Volunteers for Making Our Event Amazing